Nancy Raines Day's Advertising: Information or Manipulation? PDF

By Nancy Raines Day

ISBN-10: 0766011062

ISBN-13: 9780766011069

Discusses how advertisements has built, how businesses use it to attract shoppers, and the effect of ads on humans, rather adolescents.

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Carefully controlled, Getting Attention at Any Cost United States, however, the companies changed their marketing practices. 12 Deceptive Advertising IQ Test Advertisers go to great lengths to ucts look good. why A few go too far. make See if their prod- you can guess the following advertisements were questioned: 1. A chain of drugstores advertised that their prod- ucts were approved Institute 2. An ad and had earned the CPI for 14 Shaving cream was shown to have such "supermoisturizing sandpaper.

They were hired because they give people the impression that they are qualified. The interesting thing about endorsements people believe them, even when there doubt that the endorser actually product. In nearly $15 1986 is is that considerable likes or uses the Pepsi paid singer Michael Jackson million to appear in two television com- mercials and consult on a third. Jackson would not be shown drinking, or even holding, the product. In fact, many people knew that, as a Jehovah's Witness, Jackson did not consume caffeine and so never drank company felt that his connection with Pepsi, even for only 180 seconds of airtime, was worth paying him many times more than the price top movie stars were commanding for full-length Pepsi.

Experts is 14 a sophisticated opera- study response rates, evaluate "appeal packages," and determine which prospect lists to 27 Advertising: Information or Manipulation? Professional buy. writers letter an paid are average of two thousand dollars to select just the right six hundred words strings. A to tug at contributors' heart- "guilt gift" (a small pin, address labels, may be envelope seals, or greeting cards) make people feel obligated to give "ask," the donation requested, new contributors, The later.

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