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Experiments were made with every hydrocarbon with which the hydroxyl reaction was studied, under conditions such that the hydrocarbon reacted with oxygen atoms only. In these experiments the discharge was produced in molecular oxygen instead of in water vapor. Hydroxyl was detected by its absorption spectrum in the reaction zone between atomic oxygen and the hydrocarbon. No measurable amounts of hydroxyl were found by using the linear absorption method. The experiments carried out on reactions of hydrocarbons with atomic oxygen proceeded without flame, even though several reaction products were formed.

This fact was indication that CzH40might have been formed with participation of the O2 molecule from the CzHaradical, while the formation of CHzO was impossible. Otherwise the above ratio would not change. It follows from the data obtained that the primary reaction between oxygen atoms and ethane should be that yielding CHzOand some other particle (but not an aliphatic radical). This particle reacts with the O2 molecule to form CO. The primary reaction is + + 0 + CH,--CHs + CH20 + Hz + CHz CO would be formed from CH2 by reaction CH, + O2 -+ CO + H + OH + 30 kcal.

57 7. Regular Relation between Activation Energies and of Pre-Exponential 58 Factors for Elementary Reactions. References. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' This is due to the fact that initial substances are converted into end products not directly, but through a number of intermediate steps. With chain and radical reactions (including photochemical ones) the intermediate steps are elementary reactions of atoms and radicals with molecules.

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