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Special instruments are required for analyzing and fixing optimization difficulties. the most instruments within the learn of neighborhood optimization are classical calculus and its smooth generalizions which shape nonsmooth research. The gradient and numerous varieties of generalized derivatives let us ac­ complish an area approximation of a given functionality in a neighbourhood of a given aspect. this type of approximation is particularly helpful within the learn of neighborhood extrema. besides the fact that, neighborhood approximation by myself can't support to unravel many difficulties of world optimization, so there's a transparent have to boost distinct worldwide instruments for fixing those difficulties. the best and such a lot famous zone of worldwide and at the same time neighborhood optimization is convex programming. the elemental instrument within the research of convex optimization difficulties is the subgradient, which actu­ best friend performs either a neighborhood and international position. First, a subgradient of a convex functionality f at some degree x includes out a neighborhood approximation of f in a neigh­ bourhood of x. moment, the subgradient allows the development of an affine functionality, which doesn't exceed f over the full area and coincides with f at x. This affine functionality h is termed a aid func­ tion. seeing that f(y) ~ h(y) for best friend, the second one function is worldwide. not like a neighborhood approximation, the functionality h may be known as a world affine support.

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We now compare the main definitions and results related to £ 1 and £2. Abstract linear functions: 1. £ 1 is the set of "usual" linear functions x 2. £2 is the set of min-type functions x 1--t 1--t [l, x] with l E IRn. 1): 1. Lower semicontinuous sublinear functions p : IRn -+ IR+oo and the function -oo : x 1--t -oo for all x E IRn. 2. IPH functions p: IR++-+ [0, +oo]. 5): 1. Closed convex subsets of IRn. 2. 6): 1. Lower semicontinuous quasiconvex functions. 2. Lower semicontinuous increasing functions.

8) x E Q ===? Rx C Q. Occasionally we shall use a term cone instead of a conic set. lt is easy to see that a conic set Q is a convex cone if and only if the following holds: (xl, X2 E Q) ===? X1 + X2 E Q. We shall use the following notation: U + V = {u + v: u E U, v E V} >. u : (U, V C X); u E U} (U c X, >. n (U c X). Q c Q for all >. > 0. 3) that 0 · Q = Q for a conic set Q. A conic set Q is a convex cone if and only ifQ+Q=Q. 3. +. or lR++· A function I defined on Q is called ~ l(y). Sometimes the term isotonic is used instead of increasing.

Thus we will define the coupling function in the case under consideration by if I~ 0; if I= 0. 2) Note that this coupling function is not symmetrical, that is, (l, x) ~ (x, l). +.. , we describe also abstract convex sets and abstract subdifferentials of IPH functions. In contrast with the previous section we will not consider polar functions and sets. E. Martinez Legaz and I. Singer in [109]. 9. The main results presented here were published in [143, 147, 156, 161, 162]. 2. 2}. ) Let l E IR+.. We define the vector 1 = T z-l by if i E /+(l}; if if/_ I+(l}.

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