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By Alessandrini L., Bassanelli G.

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Blend will now ask you what property you want to apply >nqod- to; click Fill. The >nqod- gradient will now be applied to your Na_p]jcha. The Data panel The Data panel allows you to quickly and easily do the following: Add sample data to your applications for testing. You have the option of setting the data to show when the application is run. Import data from XML. ` Blend development views and workspaces Previously, Blend had two different development views. With the release of Blend 3, there are now three.

9. Select the Brush Transform tool, rotate the gradient, and size it until it runs from top to bottom and looks something like Figure 2-47. Figure 2-47. With the OpacityMask gradient adjusted properly using the Brush Transform tool, you get the reflection effect you are looking for. Let’s go through the other options in the Brushes bucket of the Properties panel very quickly: The BorderBrush option allows you to set the border color of an object. The Foreground option allows you to set the color of text in the foreground.

The following exercise will show you how to do this with the Na_p]jcha you created earlier. 1. 2. 3. 4. Select the Na_p]jcha, and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. Paste in a new Na_p]jcha by pressing Ctrl+V. Move your new Na_p]jcha directly beneath the original one. Move your cursor over the top-right handle of the new Na_p]jcha, and rotate it 180 degrees so that it appears to be a mirror image of the original Na_p]jcha, as shown in Figure 2-42. Figure 2-42. Create a duplicate copy of your Rectangle, move it below your original, and rotate it 180 degrees.

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